Reginal Thomas

Co-host and right-hand man of #Inthemixshoom

Reginal Thomas is a standup comedian, writer and actor.

Working to become a premier comic…

Reginal has performed at colleges and comedy clubs throughout New York. Reginal fell in love with performing stand up from the first time he walked on stage. “I was so nervous about doing my first set I didn’t sleep for three days leading up to the show. The moment I walked off that stage I knew I just had discovered what I was going to be doing for the rest of my life and that is making people laugh. Now I realize all the nerves I was feeling was just my passion to be great!” In 2012 Reginal met Jordan Rock and the two comics formed a friendship based on their love of sneakers, weed and light skin girls with curly hair. The two went on to produce a comedy show they named Productively Stoned held at Karma Lounge on the fourth Saturday of every month. Reginal continues to produce themed comedy shows around New York City like Sole Comedy,a show for sneaker lovers and Rush Hour 4, featuring top Black and Asian comedians along with Jocelyn Chia.  

Reginal Thomas Performing at Caroline's on Broadway

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