survival in the diy music scene | josh rumer | fmf conference 2017

IMG_3943.jpg if you missed the memo a few months back, i’m now a resident of spain. i’m here studying for my masters degree at the berklee college of music campus in valencia. this past september the entire global entertainment and music business program went to barcelona for a few days to attend the future music forum conference held at the estrella damm brewery; lots of beer and lots of convos + connects with awesome digital music entrepreneurs, music industry executives, investors, and the like. aside from the awesome people i had the pleasure of  interviewing for the 1st episode of “in valencia with shoom,” i had the opportunity of having a quick on-camera chat with invengo productions founder + producer, josh rumer. he drops some quick survival tips for you indie and diy peeps. funny guy. thanks jenn c for being my camera woman and thanks lord pijama for producing the new “in the mix with shoom” theme song!!
if you missed the first episode of the resurgence of “in the mix with shoom“; here’s your ticket! it came out to be a great show but honestly, i’m a bit on the fence with this whole podcasting stuff. it’s not exactly fun anymore for me; kind of like a “been there, done that, feeling”, so i’m not sure if i’m going to keep doing it while i’m out here. i’d like to do something related that i’ve never done before and give it my all. anyway — we’ll see.  the episode features kevin breuner, the vp of marketing at CD baby. here’s the link —            

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not impressed: las vegas


a few weeks ago i went to las vegas for the first time. i wasn’t impressed by the bright lights or the big drinks. not to mention, i’ve already been hanging out at the casino with my grandma every couple of weekends while in arizona. we took her for her 85th birthday. she really has a thing for pushing buttons and pulling levers.

we drove all the way from az. it took us about 5 hours. my cousin melanie drove half-way and i drove half, going and coming. there happened to be a native rest stop/restaurant right around the 2.5 hour-mark along our route. the bathroom smelled horrible each way but mostly during the stop on our way back to maricopa.  the drive was beautiful. the landscape, the mountains — some snow capped and others table-topped. the curvy roadways that never seemed to end — bare of civilization and cellphone service for at least half of the 300+ miles we drove. hip-hop and r&b hits from the 90s and 2000s on siriusXM  was our soundtrack most of the way.

we stayed at harrah’s, right on the strip. granny’s a gold member working towards diamond. i know “scared money, don’t make money,” but gambling isn’t really my thing. i rather hold on to the little i have — but i did come up $42 from $5 on a slot machine at caesars palace — amazing building.  harrah’s accommodations and amenities were pretty cool, too. i was excited mel decided to go for the upgrade. i liked how the light in our bathroom was naturally dim and the shower had an open design — no shower curtain, no door, nor frosted glass. i kept checking myself out in the mirror when i showered. very intimate.


unfortunately, the weather wasn’t warm enough to hang out by the pool but i still threw on my bikini for my first sauna and steam room experience. why didn’t i get the memo? i borrowed granny’s shiling oil and dabbed a bit on my nose and shoulders before i went inside. my respiratory felt great but thank god for the ice towels.

it was a 2 night getaway with the ladies and in between the birthday girl hitting the slots, the original plan was for my cousin and i to do a little site-seeing. perhaps go zip-lining, take a ride on the high roller ferris wheel, hit the club, but between participating in a few slot machine feeding sessions with grandma, 2 big drinks, and a few beers, we were tired. i had fun with the fam, but the next trip to vegas has to be with friends so we can wild-out!! mel, u can come too.

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video: @sammusmusic – ‘power ups’

we had the pleasure of having sammus on the show a few weeks before the debut of her latest release, another m (june 2014)amongst other things, the upstate ny resident is a rapper, producer, phd student, feminist and video game enthusiast. directed by jay sprogell [complex, fader, spin, vibe], “power-ups” is sammus’ first video from the album and in it, finds herself stuntin’ on a stoop while sporting an anything-but-typical accessory in this (t)rap tribute to the classic nintendo game metroid.

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