the dark ages of sync: content creation, monetization + youtube

  alenciashoom.jpgsync. it’s something you witness daily and maybe even take part in, but do you know what it means? sync is short for synchronization; music attached to some kind of visual media output. this includes film, television, shows, advertisements, video games, movie trailers, etc.  if someone wanted to use a piece of music they don’t own in a production, they are legally required to have permission or a license granted by the copyright holder of that particular composition permitting the licensee to use (synchronize) the composition with said visual.  if monetization is involved, it also allows for that composer’s fair share of the pie. with this generation’s insatiable appetite to share, combined with the many tiers and platforms of social media —  everyone is a content creator and has an audience. some share their own original works. then there’re those who copy, paste, screenshot, rip, remix, recreate, and incorporate the original works of others into their own — imposing a new kind of vulnerability for creatives across the board. this is simply the current nature of our beast. yes, the one we created. a small yet interesting reflection of technology’s dichotomous ability to be perceived as good and bad. nonetheless, our social media manners (or lack there of) is causing conflict in the copyright macrocosm. especially for youtube. according to, paul sampson, founder and CEO of (now, we’re in the very beginning stages of the sync revolution and there’s much sorting-out to be done. in the latest interview posted to in the valencia with shoom, he dissects the intricacies and sometimes not-so-happy relationship between content creation, synchronization, and licensing in the youtube ecosystem and how his company is pioneering this important sector of the industry.    

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survival in the diy music scene | josh rumer | fmf conference 2017

IMG_3943.jpg if you missed the memo a few months back, i’m now a resident of spain. i’m here studying for my masters degree at the berklee college of music campus in valencia. this past september the entire global entertainment and music business program went to barcelona for a few days to attend the future music forum conference held at the estrella damm brewery; lots of beer and lots of convos + connects with awesome digital music entrepreneurs, music industry executives, investors, and the like. aside from the awesome people i had the pleasure of  interviewing for the 1st episode of “in valencia with shoom,” i had the opportunity of having a quick on-camera chat with invengo productions founder + producer, josh rumer. he drops some quick survival tips for you indie and diy peeps. funny guy. thanks jenn c for being my camera woman and thanks lord pijama for producing the new “in the mix with shoom” theme song!!
if you missed the first episode of the resurgence of “in the mix with shoom“; here’s your ticket! it came out to be a great show but honestly, i’m a bit on the fence with this whole podcasting stuff. it’s not exactly fun anymore for me; kind of like a “been there, done that, feeling”, so i’m not sure if i’m going to keep doing it while i’m out here. i’d like to do something related that i’ve never done before and give it my all. anyway — we’ll see.  the episode features kevin breuner, the vp of marketing at CD baby. here’s the link —            

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video: @sammusmusic – ‘power ups’

we had the pleasure of having sammus on the show a few weeks before the debut of her latest release, another m (june 2014)amongst other things, the upstate ny resident is a rapper, producer, phd student, feminist and video game enthusiast. directed by jay sprogell [complex, fader, spin, vibe], “power-ups” is sammus’ first video from the album and in it, finds herself stuntin’ on a stoop while sporting an anything-but-typical accessory in this (t)rap tribute to the classic nintendo game metroid.

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artist submission | @iamryckjane | california raisins

born and raised in los angeles, california, ryck jane is burning up stages all over the u.s. and europe while touring with the alternative hip-hop band, wylde bunch. ryck has been writing since the age of 14 years old and she’s not only an emcee —  she’s also a trumpet player.

miss jane sent over her  debut mixtape california raisins and i’m in love — a nicely served platter of an assortment of sounds, flows, and lyrical content. i listened to every track straight through.

check it out for yourself…

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it’s a ninja party | cc: @unicornempress + @davenoodlez

on august 10th i’ll be joining the unicorn empress + dave noodlez of stereotype co at their first mini festival.shoomflyer

the ninja party — a fluid festival meant to awaken the inner child that may lay dormant in the adult conscious. vendors + pop-up shops + music + dancers + giveaways +  face painters and more

at the event ill be conducting a live interactive song project where  i’ll record the voices of participants to be used as a part of a one of kind song.  i’ll also be interviewing artists and creatives about their art, their music, and their passions. my goal is to put  together an audio project.

#challengeyourself the ninja party on facebook

hosted by the marxman and spike grant + music by dj boston chery

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in the mix w/ shoom | episode thirteen feat. @rapsodymusic

after returning from her 10 city european tour, rapsody of jamla records joins us on the line. without giving away too many details, she talks about her forthcoming project, working with 9th wonder, adding balance to the hip-hop, her involvement with the universal zulu nation, the illuminati, and more.

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questions, comments, feedback, or to get your music “in the mix” send your bio/epk with your work attached to —


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artist submission | @samiamusic | soul on fire

samia, has been featured in curve magazine and has performed in the nyc pride parade for the past two years. the new york based rock singer sent over the video for the title track off her second ep set to drop later this year.

“the music video explores themes of smashing existing gender roles and rules in sexuality, and empowers both straight and queer women and men to be true to themselves in life, love, and sex,” says samia. “most people don’t fit into a tidy little box – especially when it comes to love.”

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j.dilla + smithsonian

a piece of one of the most influential artists in hip-hop is headed to the smithsonian.

ma dukes —  the mother of the late hip-hop producer, is donating some of her son’s equipment to the national museum of african-american history and culture. some of dilla’s equipment, including his voyager synthesizer and akai midi production center 3000 limited edition, will be added to the museum’s inaugural musical crossroads exhibition opening in 2016.

ms. yancey says, “i feel it’s necessary to raise the level of art appreciation in the hip-hop sector and honor my son james dewitt yancey, one of the most influential individuals in the history of hip-hop.”

chuck d,george clinton,louis armstrong,ella fitzgerald,chuck berry and lena horne will also be featured in the exhibit.

dilla passed away in 2006 from a rare blood disease called thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.

viva la dilla!

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#inthemix + #youtube

good morning loyal readers and listeners. just a little public service announcement —  episodes in the mix will now be featured on youtube!! yayyyy — something to celebrate!!

all episodes should be up within the next week or two. but for now — share, like and comment on episode 12 w/ love dollhouse + russell simmons.

uncle rush stops by to reveal his newly signed girl group, love dollhouse that are already being compared to tlc and swv. ryan, chelsea, and jazz say they plan to bringing back the nostalgic feel of ’90s R&B girl groups one song at a time and are here to stay. during our chat, russell tells us why these detroit natives are priority, how they met, the pressures of already being compared to greats, and more. the ladies also share their first single, “can i”.


—— tracklist —— @noelgourdin – “not around” –  @oswinbmusic – “cashmere soul” – 
@Evekilltheshit  – 
”no fake” – @ufofev – “go dark”- track # 3 on around my way lp –

——original sample—— roy c & the honeydrippers – “impeach the president” sampled in… nas – “be what i wanna be” – janet jackson – “that’s the way love goes” – shaggy – “luv me, luv me” – eric b – “eric b is president” – love dollhouse – “can i” –

@ReginalThomas with Barbershop Talk @_shoom 

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