shoom’s closet: for my sneaker heads

okay…first and foremost

listen to the latest episode of the sneaker fiends unite podcast with me talking about my sneaker thrifting and special guest tim of patta sneaker store in amsterdam.

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okay so….i engineer/co-produce this ridiculously cool podcasts and they’re turning me into a little sneaker fiend.

i mean….i‘ve never been into sneakers like that but i do appreciate a good looking sneaker and i would never ever ever deny a pair of dunks. ever! especially if the price is right. ain’t nuttin like a dunk. that’s probably the only sneaker i would walk in to a store and buy.

but the sneaker section is always a “must check” upon the entrance of a thrift.

a few weeks ago i found a pair of low top dunkerroos……. even though i’m more of a high top type of gal, i loved the colors on these. all they need is a nice machine wash and maybe some new laces and they’ll be sexy once again.


last week when i caught the 50% off sale at unique i came across these!!…$3.50 & $7.00Image(2)

take a look at some  other sneakers i’ve snagged from consignment/thrift shops in the past. and guess what….none of them cost me more than 10 dollars.




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shoom’s closet: big tings a gwan for 2013 & new goodies for the new year

okay…let me take a few seconds to address the new year formalities and such. okay so… one of my new years resolutions is to start executing my plans for opening my online thrift boutique — a selection of all types of accessories & clothing hand picked by me from random locations around the tri-state and eventually from around the country and world. things found on my site and eventually in my physical store will obviously be a reflection of my personal style. hopefully others will dig. i think they will. so yeah…big tings a gwan for 2013. alright now…back to the bloggage… new goodies for the new year. all of these were picked up from the unique in brooklyn. i mean…the whole reason for me shopping at thrifts and consignments is so i wouldn’t have to do shit like this. but i guess there are exceptions and this was one of them. for the past few weeks i’ve been canvasing nyc in search for a pair of quality boots for the season. while these aren’t particularly the style i was scouting for it was love at first sight. no box. never worn. $70. fucc it — decided to take em. i’m still researching the original price. IMG_6453 the last pair of khakis i owned my mom bleached them. not on purpose but the amount of times my things have been “accidentally” bleached, you’d think she had a hit out for me. here…are a nice pair of ann taylor cargo khakis i picked up — $4.99. i am now solely responsible for my own laundry so these should be safe. IMG_6448 those who have seen me around within the last 2 weeks or so have probably seen me wear this already. super cute. super me and for $6.99 — super cheap.  i could have done a little better with one size bigger but we know how to make shit work over here :flips hair: IMG_6450 nothing in life makes me feel like mary poppins more than the bag on the left. i love feeling mary poppins-esque! and the one of the right… reminded me a cushion i could find on my granny’s couch as a kid. no shade granny….your couch cushions would have made wonderful purses.  it was a toss up between the two but i couldn’t leave either behind. the larger bag was$6.99 and the smaller was $4.99. IMG_6452 and a few brand new pairs of wool socks to keep my phalanges warm during the plight of winter — $2.99 each. IMG_6447 and a cool little scarf — $4.99 IMG_6454

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@Sneaker_Pimps NYC EVENT @WEBSTERHALL 12/18

a great night of lots of sneaker and hip-hop culture to absorb. ghostface killah, sheek louch, styles p performed but the camera was packed away by then.  sorry. ” sneaker pimps is the worlds largest touring sneaker hip-hop lifestyle exhibition featuring over 1500 pairs of rare, limited edition, vintage, celebrity signed, artists collaborated sneakers and a collection of sneaker inspired artwork, fashion and photography. ” – enjoy the imagery. all photographs taken by me and the overhead shot by tran. _MG_0368 _MG_0351 _MG_0345 _MG_0344 _MG_0341 _MG_0331 _MG_0332 _MG_0333 _MG_0335 _MG_0340 _MG_0328 _MG_0313 _MG_0309 _MG_0308 _MG_0306 _MG_0283 _MG_0281 _MG_0286 _MG_0300 _MG_0275 _MG_0273 _MG_0271 _MG_0268 _MG_0263 _MG_0261 _MG_0258 _MG_0247 _MG_0242 _MG_0239 _MG_0237

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shoom’s closet: oh la la la. new hoody and shit.

sigh. i’m going to start off by saying this… i’m really pissed. because earlier this week while on my way home from a strenuous day at work, instead of sleeping while on that long ass ride from midtown to midwood on the Q, i typed out about 70% of what was supposed to be this very blog entry. but….my laptop died and i lost everything. great, right? perfection at its best. you don’t understand though!! i was really proud of that post. but you know what? i’m not even going to try to sit here and emulate a past masterpiece…fucc it. i don’t even really remember what i typed anyway. so here it is….raw. again. mother krishna take the wheel. so boom ::presses save draft::….aside from spending this past weekend in the wonderful garden state, i also spent way to much money. on what you may ask? well…between purchasing food for my empty fridge, replacing the speakers i had since college that seemed like they’d last until the birth of my first child, and then combing through a few racks at my favorite thrifts – i’m spent. check out a few things i picked up…. Winter is upon us and you can never have too many winter coats. some just look better with other outfits than others, ya know? unfortunately for me, up until last weekend i had none. no coat.  not because i disowned my fleet from the previous year but because they were all stowed away at some storage place in new jersey and because I’m lazy it took a little while to get the energy to venture into that side of the oasis. just now that the fleet has now been resurrected with the exception of a few and the addition of a new. now…i’m not particularly a fan of old navy clothing, or anything from old navy for that matter. i just havent felt the same about it ever since i got caught shoplifting there when i was younger.  but yeah…the color of this caught my eye and the fit (along with the price) sealed the deal.  seeing it on this hanger doesn’t do it any kind of justice at all; it fits soooo good.  i’m excited to frolic around nyc in my new coat 🙂IMG_6216 now….if you know anything about me, you would at least know these three things.
  1. i love cheese
  2. i love stripes
  3. i love anything with a hood
and i found the dopest hoody for the dopiest price. $5.99 funny thing is….i’ve always wanted a brooklyn industries hoody but i REFUSED to pay retail price for it. as the universe would have it, she heard my requests throughout the months…years…whatever….and she made it happen for me.  i found this one at a random fabric store in rahway, nj for six dollars. and it was brand new. what, nigga?! my new favorite hoody. IMG_6208IMG_6207IMG_6209 who is cathy daniels? i have no fuccin clue but she designed a pretty cool shirt. i’m on and off the fence about this one tho. sometimes i look at it and I’m like eww, granny. other times i look at it an I’m like okay….i can freak this. it’s the goldish clasp/button thingies that attracted me initially. but i am also a fan of it tweedy look and the brown boarding around. it always pays to take a peak in the vintage section. IMG_6211 IMG_6212 IMG_6214IMG_6210

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50% of sale @ unique thrift locations TODAY!

i just thought i’d share some information that was passed on to me from a very reliable source (winks @ source). idk yo…unique acts like i’m not some type of loyal customer or something. i NEVER get the emails about sales or the fancy little text messages they do now. i have to hear from a friend of a friend’s cousin and shit. anyway…due to an alleged situation between the pilgrims and the native americans a few hundred years ago as well as  jennif’s birthday…there’s a sale today: 50% off for VIP Members and Facebook Friends today wednesday, november 21st!  bring in your vip card and receive 50% off all merchandise – offer not valid with any other sales or discounts. find a unique location near you… happy thrifting. i would say happy thanksgiving but that would be out of character.

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shoom’s closet: a retro find. well…kinda.

i usually only post clothing finds on here but i’m so happy about this one that even though it can’t technically hang from a hanger in my closet it deserves a spot on my blog. i was browsing the isles and shelves of my favorite thrift store, unique’s brooklyn location, and pow…she flashed me…a sony am/fm, cd, cassette player. now, i don’t know what year this is from but it’s in pretty good condition. and it only cost $4.99. so…not only a ridiculous price to pass up but lately i’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about all the cassettes i have stowed away in storage….audio of myself singing, yelling and delegating when i was a young and super obnoxious little girl and the many music cassettes that haven’t been touched in ages due to no means of playback. i want to listen to them!! and now i can listen to them. next week when i hitch hike to and from new jersey to pick up my winter clothes from the storage location, i’m going to grab some of those cassettes and take a trip down memory lane.  big booty and i said we’ll be going cassette shopping soon at random thrifts…see what we find…and have one of our famous private listening parties. wait till i program my pre-sets. ya’ll can’t tell me nothinggggg. next on my list to find…a record player and a set of quality speakers.

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free spirit: oops. i made a mistake.

a friend of mine that lives in the peachy state of georgia ordered a sweat shirt from me a few weeks ago but i got the order messed up and made her an “i’m not religious” crew neck when she definitely placed and order for one that says “free spirit.” whoopsie! and i dead went on a journey to find this neon orange spray paint she wanted. sighhh…the things we do for friends and for our customers. here’s a pic of th pseudo-order… i liked the finished product but this isn’t what she paid for…so…i re-did the order. free spirit. free spirit. how the hell did i fucc that up to begin with? argh. anyway…here’s what we got the second time around. i think she’s happy. sweatshirts are back, guys. contact me for custom orders.

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$50 for a t-shirt that’s just some ignorant bitch shit.” – THRIFT SHOP FEAT. WANZ (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS – THRIFT SHOP FEAT. WANZ (OFFICIAL VIDEO) “$50 for a t-shirt that’s just some ignorant bitch shit. I call that getting swindled and pitched shit. I call that getting tricked by a business.” i love this song. it’s fun. it’s funny. and it’s true!! any thrifter could relate. shout out to @DirtySoufYankee for introducing me to this song.

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