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a world with no music is a world with no precipitation.

“if you think of the things we like doing — sex, drugs, art, religion — they’re all forms of surrender ” — and in my opinion very subjective and involve some type of deception.

music is our life line. the lyrics — our news ticker. it’s often misunderstood and taken out of context but it’s necessary for our existence. a world with no music is  a world with no precipitation.

to celebrate their 15th anniversary, red bull music academy presents  — what difference does it make? a film about making music  — a documentary that will focus on how artists adapt from a creative and personal standpoint in the ever-evolving landscape of music.

erykah badu, brian eno, rakim, lee ‘scratch’ perry, q-tip, just blaze, and many more of today’s modern composers of different genres and generations give their outlook of how music affects the culture and the inevitable ups and downs of a life devoted to music.

what difference does it make? a film about making music  premieres in special theaters across the globe on February 17th but will be available to watch  — for free — on rbma’s official website  february 18th!!

i’m a big fan of documentaries so i’m super excited especially since it’s about music. i’m also in the process of trying to get in to one of those screenings.  any takers for my +1?

alright — no more free press for redbull. check out the 2.5 minute trailer below.

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it’s a rap for $800: mc alex trebek.

last night’s episode of jeopardy featured the category — it’s a rap – with lyrical answers from classic mcs.

i think he was just reading with character as he normally would but because the sentences rhymed and we know the true nature of the content, it was interesting to hear bars from  famous hip-hop lyrics, including the words of dr. dre, public enemy and biggie,  come out of alex trebek‘s mouth. 

i smirked.

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from lacquer, to master. to mold, to stamper — how records are made.

if you can spare 20 minutes of your pseudo-busy lives — you should check this out — especially if you’re in to vinyl.

i just stumbled on an old mini documentary illustrating how vinyl records are made — kind of like an episode of how it’s made but from the 50s. pretty cool.

today’s recording sent to press –  tchaikovsky‘s romeo and juliet.

after watching that video, i found another vid of the london symphony orchestra’s 2007 performance of the entire composition.  it was great. i heard a specific part around the 9 minute mark often used in games and cartoons  when they’ve realized they’ve fallen in love. more specifically, when your sim falls in love after their first passionate kiss and this one episode of tiny tunes adventures i remember when babs and buster bunny kiss for the first time. i think it was them.  anyway — you’ll know it when you hear it.

check both videos below.

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a lot is going on.

a lot is going on.

between having a 9-5 that i can care less about, producing & hosting an impressive podcast, writing and recording music, making sure i stay mentally sane and just being a responsible adult amongst other things,  i sometimes forget i own a domain and made a vow to keep the masses informed about what hobbies or new interests are taking up my time and attention.  i mean — these things aren’t going to write themselves, right?!

here’s the latest episode of the broolyn sisters.

While The Brooklyn Sisters are usually known for putting on new creatives, for episode 14 the sisters sit and chat with someone hip-hop hasn’t heard form in a while — infamous battle rapper, Lady Luck (@iamladyluck).

Tune in to hear Lady Luck tell the BK Sisters what she’s been up too, battling Remy Ma and her new project “Face Life”.

Shoom & Queen also challenge Lady Luck to a freestyle challenge…will Luck accept and show us what she’s got?

Tune in to find out!!


Mickalas Cage (@MickalasCage)
“The Water” (Prod. By High Klassified & Da P)
User2338239 – The-waters-produced-by-high

J. ManifestO (@JDotOdot)
“Live Life & Love It” (prod. by fa†e)
Jmanifesto – Livelifeandloveit
Be sure to submit your music!!!

Barbershop Talk w/ Reginal Thomas (@_BarberShopTalk).

Until next time. Spread love it’s the Brooklyn (Sisters) way.
The Brooklyn Sisters

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meet the brooklyn sisters.

based on my last blog post it might seem as though i’ve abandoned my responsibilities as a bearer of good deals. while this might partially be true, trust — it was all all for good reason.

between exercising my right to thrift and all the other shit i do, i’ve been working with mi compadre, queen (@nee_uq) on some big things.

we launched a podcast on the loud speakers network called the brooklyn sisters –even though we mostly deal with musical guests, our show is  a platform for artist and creatives to share their music, talent and their mind.

queen and i have a very dynamic chemistry. whatever i lack, she naturally posses the necessary balance and vice versa. and when our powers combine — we are the brooklyn sisters — more specifically what i like to refer to as a master mind. i can’t imagine doing this with anyone else — our balance is perfect.

since our first few episodes, we’ve come such a long way. i cringe when i press play on one of our early episodes on my malfunctioning soundcloud app — i  try not to do it often.

we’re excited about reaching our 10th episode and to celebrate we invited the founding fathers of the loud speakers network to join us in the studio along with earlly mac — a rapper from Detroit — the first city the brooklyn sisters took by storm and used to kick off their first show.

check it out –


on the streets: i swear i’m not a garbage picker!!

the initial intent for “on the streets”  was to be a section to post pictures of people i randomly stop in the streets because of their unique style and funky outfits but i decided to switch it up with this new addition to my closet which i literally found –  on the street.

it was a late night coming home from williamsburg and was trying to debate whether i should take a cab back to my midwood residence or if i should just train it. i ended up taking a cab and needless to say ended up $32 dollars in the hole — never again.

but while walking towards the main ave to hail the cabbie that turn out to be a pocket rapist, i came across a pile of clothes in a trash bag just laying on the sidewalk. of course i went through it — at least the top layer.  thank god for that flashlight app on my iphone. time and space was limited and my reputation was at risk — so i ended up fleeing the scene with only one item.

Imagesweater = pre-compensation for expensive cab ride? maybe. 

some might have seen me in it before –  i’ve actually had it for a while, i just never finished the blog entry. but yeah, i always get compliments. everyone loves the zipper on the shoulder that i usually leave unzipped to show off my sexy shoulder cleavage.

go, shoom. woo hoo!

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shoom’s closet: “happy birthday to you” – the universe

first, i’ll just start by saying — today is my birthday.

:does curtsy:

just the other week i was in a store (the name i  do not wish to disclose) and found a really cute american flag-gy sweatshirt from the men’s section. size? medium — they were out of smalls.  upon purchase, i was sifting through my mental closet — “what could i wear this with? blue jeans? black jeans? but with what pair of shoes?  a pair of low-top white converses would be perfect!”

lo and behold! after leaving a very interesting outing to my mom’s new-found church, the universe clearly decided to gift me with what i said i wanted.  the exact shoe i wanted, in my size and for only nine dollars and ninety-nine cents — no coincidence. it was the perfect birthday gift.

whoaaaa. thanks universe. you’re my shortyyyyy :)


i also got some cool records — air supply & chicago. score!

Image copy

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shoom’s closet: for my sneaker heads

okay…first and foremost

listen to the latest episode of the sneaker fiends unite podcast with me talking about my sneaker thrifting and special guest tim of patta sneaker store in amsterdam.

sneaker fiends unite! podcast powered by @sneakertubeTV Hosted by @dallas_penn, @premiumpete and @cali_du_blanc. All Episodes Available on ITUNES. Subscribe & Rate!!

okay so….i engineer/co-produce this ridiculously cool podcasts and they’re turning me into a little sneaker fiend.

i mean….i‘ve never been into sneakers like that but i do appreciate a good looking sneaker and i would never ever ever deny a pair of dunks. ever! especially if the price is right. ain’t nuttin like a dunk. that’s probably the only sneaker i would walk in to a store and buy.

but the sneaker section is always a “must check” upon the entrance of a thrift.

a few weeks ago i found a pair of low top dunkerroos……. even though i’m more of a high top type of gal, i loved the colors on these. all they need is a nice machine wash and maybe some new laces and they’ll be sexy once again.


last week when i caught the 50% off sale at unique i came across these!!…$3.50 & $7.00Image(2)

take a look at some  other sneakers i’ve snagged from consignment/thrift shops in the past. and guess what….none of them cost me more than 10 dollars.




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shoom’s closet: big tings a gwan for 2013 & new goodies for the new year

okay…let me take a few seconds to address the new year formalities and such. okay so…
one of my new years resolutions is to start executing my plans for opening my online thrift boutique — a selection of all types of accessories & clothing hand picked by me from random locations around the tri-state and eventually from around the country and world. things found on my site and eventually in my physical store will obviously be a reflection of my personal style. hopefully others will dig. i think they will. so yeah…big tings a gwan for 2013.

alright now…back to the bloggage…

new goodies for the new year.

all of these were picked up from the unique in brooklyn.

i mean…the whole reason for me shopping at thrifts and consignments is so i wouldn’t have to do shit like this. but i guess there are exceptions and this was one of them. for the past few weeks i’ve been canvasing nyc in search for a pair of quality boots for the season. while these aren’t particularly the style i was scouting for it was love at first sight. no box. never worn. $70. fucc it — decided to take em. i’m still researching the original price.


the last pair of khakis i owned my mom bleached them. not on purpose but the amount of times my things have been “accidentally” bleached, you’d think she had a hit out for me. here…are a nice pair of ann taylor cargo khakis i picked up — $4.99. i am now solely responsible for my own laundry so these should be safe.


those who have seen me around within the last 2 weeks or so have probably seen me wear this already. super cute. super me and for $6.99 — super cheap.  i could have done a little better with one size bigger but we know how to make shit work over here :flips hair:

nothing in life makes me feel like mary poppins more than the bag on the left. i love feeling mary poppins-esque! and the one of the right… reminded me a cushion i could find on my granny’s couch as a kid. no shade granny….your couch cushions would have made wonderful purses.  it was a toss up between the two but i couldn’t leave either behind. the larger bag was$6.99 and the smaller was $4.99.

and a few brand new pairs of wool socks to keep my phalanges warm during the plight of winter — $2.99 each.

and a cool little scarf — $4.99


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