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shoom isaacs (no relation to gregory.)

i’m just trying to find my lane in life and trying to figure out how i should leave my dent in this universe. i find interest in so many things but i have the attention span of a 3 year old…not a good combination. so with this blog…i plan on grabbing it by the horns and riding it until the wheels fall off. with my ability to write, my dry/sarcastic humor, my love for thrifting, and the development of my i’m not religious. shirt/stencil there is no reason why this site shouldn’t exist. it’s a total reflection of who i am.

new york/new jersey based. monmouth university graduate with a B.A. in communication (tv & radio production). audio engineering student. employee for premiere radio networks/clear channel. a writer. music lover. free spirit. mouth of a sailor. animal lover. conspiracy theorists. non religious. non traditional. anti society. musical junkie. observer of people and of life.

interested in ordering? email me for more info. all payments done through PayPal.

shoom.isaacs@gmail.com  ·  @_shoom  ·  facebook.com/shoom.isaacs

i’m not religous (the movement)

people get scared when they hear “i’m not religious.” they’re always quick to assume i’m some radical atheist which is way way wayyyy far from the truth. i believe in god and i believe he resides in every single one of us.  i just don’t believe in the text book version of what or who god is.  but i can definitely say i DO NOT believe in religion (and that’s for numerous reasons.) i understand why it works for people but it’s not for me.

this movement is meant to encourage and inspire others to look within. feel you energy. explore your spirituality. god exists within us all. we possess power that many don’t even know exists. find it!

i also do custom stencils. prices vary. contact for more details.

thrifting: shoom’s closet

for as long as i could remember,  i’ve really never had an interest in fashion. yes,  i liked to shop from time to time but i never really cared for the latest trends  nor did my wallet allow me to buy the types of clothes i really wanted to wear. i wore what i could afford and the clearance rack at just about any store was definitely my best friend while i choose isolated items to splurge on .  however,  it was still very hard to build a well rounded wardrobe on such a tight budget.

it wasn’t until i moved to brooklyn in 2008 that i discovered what a thrift store was really about. i mean…i’ve been to thrift stores before but i never knew what a wonderful resource they could be. after my first solo buy at the goodwill in clinton hill, brooklyn,  i quickly fell in love.  i purchased a pair of ny & co. jeans and an i love ny tote bag (which i still rock religiously) and i ended up paying  something like 4 bucks!!! what intrigued me and kept me coming back was the fact that i could take the same 50 dollars i would use to buy ONE item and on a good day walk out of a thrift store with at least 7 or 8 different pieces that when mixed and matched created numerous outfits. it was like winning the lottery.

but like i mentioned before…i was never really one for fashion, trends, or having that eye for putting pieces together so initially i was buying a lot of clothes but wasn’t sure how to wear them. that led me to start taking risks by mixing and matching things that i would have never been bold enough to do before and from that developed my own unique style and a creative eye for mixing and matching different things.

a lot of people are turned off by the idea of wearing second hand clothes but i look at it like borrowing clothes from a friend and never having to return it. there is nothing about second hand clothes that a little soap and water can’t fix unless it’s stained or has a hole.  if you go to a decent thrift store you would be surprised at the fair prices, reputable brands and good conditions the clothes are in.

i want to show everyone that you don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks.

  • -how much i paid
  • -when & where it was purchased
  • -the retail price of similar items
  • -an update post/picture of how the outfit/piece was worn.

i’ll also post random bloggage…random things that interest me that are worth sharing.

as the site picks up i will be introducing more concepts.

enjoy. leave comments. comeback. order a shirt. thanks.

—shoom isaacs

shoom.isaacs@gmail.com  ·  @_shoom  ·  facebook.com/shoom.isaacs

6 thoughts on “about/contact shoom.

  1. excited about your findings and blog! we should set up something! :)

    • shoomscloset says:

      thanks mel!! and yes maybe we can do a vintage/second hand clothing shoot with random girls and i style them. you shoot them. that would be hot!!

  2. Melissa says:

    Let’s plan! I know a make up artist!!!! :) this can be something good!!!!

  3. Hey kirsten, this is PoP. Your concept of 2nd hand fashions got me to thinking about a concept that I was working on. Get in touch with me and we can do a shoot using some of you outfits. You may be the subject that I need for my concept. I like what yiur doin here. I believe it will catch on. I’m not religious,(smile) I need one of those shirts. That’s the truth.

  4. Xavier I says:

    Sup sup you its X. Hit my email so we can link up an exchange ideas.

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