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in the mix with shoom.

“in the mix with shoom” is an exciting podcast on the loudspeakers network showcasing underground & indie tunes from across the globe along with exclusive interviews form your favorite creatives. previous guests featured on the show —

shoom isaacs (no relation to gregory.)

Shoom Isaacs is an eclectic creative who takes on many titles —- writer, producer, audio engineer, and singer-songwriter, to name a few. 

In 2008, Shoom graduated from Monmouth University with a Bachelors in Communication focusing on Radio & TV Production. Since then she’s been working as a journalist/producer for a syndicated radio network. When she’s not working on a story at the office or conducting and interview for her awesome podcast, “In the Mix w/ Shoom”, Shoom vents and expresses her interesting perspective on life through music. She released her first mixtape “A Walk With Shoom” on March 17th, 2014 —  her birthday. 

In her spare time, this Brooklyn native who spent most of her years growing up in New Jersey, enjoys canvassing the isles of local thrift shops for unusual objects and scrummaging the internet for music and sounds she has yet to explore.

Shoom plans on educating her peers and the world with her love and ability to convey messages and imagery through sound. After a few frustrating years of trying to find her “thing” or her passion, Shoom finally started to focus on her natural interests, talents, and abilities, and mustered up the courage to follow her creative heart and deep rooted dreams of making a difference in the world.  

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    • thanks mel!! and yes maybe we can do a vintage/second hand clothing shoot with random girls and i style them. you shoot them. that would be hot!!

  1. Hey kirsten, this is PoP. Your concept of 2nd hand fashions got me to thinking about a concept that I was working on. Get in touch with me and we can do a shoot using some of you outfits. You may be the subject that I need for my concept. I like what yiur doin here. I believe it will catch on. I’m not religious,(smile) I need one of those shirts. That’s the truth.

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