new shoom: ambition (interlude)

since i’ve been back in arizona my sleeping pattern has been so off!!  in my restlessness on friday night, i felt inspired and recorded a song i wrote last summer. i attempted to record it during an actual studio session back in nyc but there were a lot of unnecessary people around and honestly i just wasn’t feeling the vibe — or the engineer. so i decided to give it a go on my own. i must say, i’m always much happier when i do things for myself, especially when it comes to my creativity. idk…i guess it one of those control freak things. i had a few beers and it was super hot in my room (no ac, and i had to keep the fan off ’cause duh, i’m recording) leaving me clad in bra, panties, and sweat which i think really helped me to get into character for the track. haha. this interlude-esque piece is about feeling attracted to someone new and how keeping it real about your intentions can lead to infinite possibilities. it also speaks on my independence and how being in a relationship or connected to someone isn’t a necessity but if we’re gonna do this thing (whatever it is), you gotta come correct! no selfishness or half-stepping!!! i’m responsible for the mix + shout out to badu for the beat i conveniently lifted from youtube. a testament to having fun, self exploration, and mastering my crafts. feedback is appreciated.

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