updates + memorandums: the beat goes on…

if you missed my newsletter that just went out — it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and boy, has a lot changed in the world of shoom.
for starters, i no longer work at beats 1 and for the past 2 months i’ve been living in the state of arizona. at the end of november, my contract at apple music came to a conclusion. aside from that, i’ve resided in the tri-state area for the majority of my life and for the longest while i’ve been looking for an escape. the energy in new york city was no longer conducive and i needed change. the only thing that kept me in nyc for so long was it’s familiarity and the security of being employed. from iheart radio, to beats 1, and everything in between, i’m thankful for the opportunities the big apple provided but once i got word things were coming to an end for me at beats, that was my cue to book a flight and skip town. once i shared the news with family and friends, they seemed more crushed than i was, lol. i felt they were expecting me to be disappointed or down-in-the-dumps about being unemployed, but never did i feel sad, angry, or upset. i’ll admit to feeling a bit taken back by the situation at the time, but ultimately i saw it as the universe at play, pushing me out into the world so i can essentially reach my full potential and continue to push past what’s comfortable and what’s expected. since i’ve been in az i’ve been able to recharge and dig deep to find what i really want in life. i’m still not 100% sure of the answer to that but as each day passes it’s becoming more clear where these paths should lead. i’m excited and confident about the future and will always have love for my beats 1 nyc team! it was an excellent experience.
in lieu of podcasting in the past and being a fan of connecting with community and creatives, keep an eye out for the new creative projects I have on the way.  the world is my playground and i’m ready to play!
i’m currently looking to connect and talk with musicians, artists in europe. if that’s you or you have friends or suggestions on who i should make contact with — hit me up!!
i know…i know — i need to start posting on my website. bear with me while i get my *ish together,
but in the mean time, please continue to send over your music and art.

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