greetings from shoom.


if you build it, they will come. so — here it is.

this website has been a long time in the making and i’m very proud to finally share it with you.

over the past 5+ years, i’ve learned much about myself, about life, and was able to manifest some amazing things right before my eyes. thanks to everyone i’ve met along the way that has helped shape this very moment…

i know you’re probably wondering, ” shoom, when you comin’ back with the podcast? i’m still waiting for my interview!” honestly, i’m a bit on the fence about the podcast stuff. i’m super proud of the platform reg and i created especially because it allowed artists of various calibers to share and inspire. but i feel like it’s time to do something different. i’m still very passionate about sound and connecting with creatives, but the fire that drove me to do the things i did before no longer exists. my creative focus has evolved, and i have to keep reminding myself that that’s okay. i mostly feel like i’m letting everyone down, but sometimes when driving on the highway you have to switch lanes to maintain your momentum. feel me?

lately i’ve been feeling summoned by the stage. to continue to create and even perform music of my own. to host and curate events. so, that’s what i’m going to do and this space will be your portal. is your link into my creative mind, my journey, the connections i make with others, my stumbles upon music and more. i’m open to letting it turn into whatever it’s supposed to.

reg and i are currently working on visuals and we’re looking for people to join our team. production assistants, writers, video editors etc. send your resumes to and drop us a line 🙂

take a look around the site. leave comments. check out the tees (which are now available for pre order). listen to my tunes — and all that good stuff.

looking for recording artists + producers to do tracks with.

new music coming soon.

a huge thank you to all the supporters.


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    Kia Sleet


    The site looks great Shoom, looking forward to new music!!!


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