j.dilla + smithsonian

a piece of one of the most influential artists in hip-hop is headed to the smithsonian.

ma dukes —  the mother of the late hip-hop producer, is donating some of her son’s equipment to the national museum of african-american history and culture. some of dilla’s equipment, including his voyager synthesizer and akai midi production center 3000 limited edition, will be added to the museum’s inaugural musical crossroads exhibition opening in 2016.

ms. yancey says, “i feel it’s necessary to raise the level of art appreciation in the hip-hop sector and honor my son james dewitt yancey, one of the most influential individuals in the history of hip-hop.”

chuck d,george clinton,louis armstrong,ella fitzgerald,chuck berry and lena horne will also be featured in the exhibit.

dilla passed away in 2006 from a rare blood disease called thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.

viva la dilla!

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    WiL D Palazzo


    Wow. That’s pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing this news! I had no idea he’d passed much less what it could’ve been. I consider myself a bit more enlightened now though.


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