a world with no music is a world with no precipitation.

“if you think of the things we like doing — sex, drugs, art, religion — they’re all forms of surrender ” — and in my opinion very subjective and involve some type of deception. music is our life line. the lyrics — our news ticker. it’s often misunderstood and taken out of context but it’s necessary for our existence. a world with no music is  a world with no precipitation. to celebrate their 15th anniversary, red bull music academy presents  — what difference does it make? a film about making music  — a documentary that will focus on how artists adapt from a creative and personal standpoint in the ever-evolving landscape of music. erykah badu, brian eno, rakim, lee ‘scratch’ perry, q-tip, just blaze, and many more of today’s modern composers of different genres and generations give their outlook of how music affects the culture and the inevitable ups and downs of a life devoted to music. what difference does it make? a film about making music  premieres in special theaters across the globe on February 17th but will be available to watch  — for free — on rbma’s official website  february 18th!! i’m a big fan of documentaries so i’m super excited especially since it’s about music. i’m also in the process of trying to get in to one of those screenings.  any takers for my +1? alright — no more free press for redbull. check out the 2.5 minute trailer below.

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