from lacquer, to master. to mold, to stamper — how records are made.

if you can spare 20 minutes of your pseudo-busy lives — you should check this out — especially if you’re in to vinyl. i just stumbled on an old mini documentary illustrating how vinyl records are made — kind of like an episode of how it’s made but from the 50s. pretty cool. today’s recording sent to press —  tchaikovsky‘s romeo and juliet. after watching that video, i found another vid of the london symphony orchestra’s 2007 performance of the entire composition.  it was great. i heard a specific part around the 9 minute mark often used in games and cartoons  when they’ve realized they’ve fallen in love. more specifically, when your sim falls in love after their first passionate kiss and this one episode of tiny tunes adventures i remember when babs and buster bunny kiss for the first time. i think it was them.  anyway — you’ll know it when you hear it. check both videos below.

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