on the streets: i swear i’m not a garbage picker!!

the initial intent for “on the streets”  was to be a section to post pictures of people i randomly stop in the streets because of their unique style and funky outfits but i decided to switch it up with this new addition to my closet which i literally found —  on the street. it was a late night coming home from williamsburg and was trying to debate whether i should take a cab back to my midwood residence or if i should just train it. i ended up taking a cab and needless to say ended up $32 dollars in the hole — never again. but while walking towards the main ave to hail the cabbie that turn out to be a pocket rapist, i came across a pile of clothes in a trash bag just laying on the sidewalk. of course i went through it — at least the top layer.  thank god for that flashlight app on my iphone. time and space was limited and my reputation was at risk — so i ended up fleeing the scene with only one item.

Imagesweater = pre-compensation for expensive cab ride? maybe. 

some might have seen me in it before —  i’ve actually had it for a while, i just never finished the blog entry. but yeah, i always get compliments. everyone loves the zipper on the shoulder that i usually leave unzipped to show off my sexy shoulder cleavage.

go, shoom. woo hoo!

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