shoom’s closet: “happy birthday to you” – the universe

first, i’ll just start by saying — today is my birthday.

:does curtsy:

just the other week i was in a store (the name i  do not wish to disclose) and found a really cute american flag-gy sweatshirt from the men’s section. size? medium — they were out of smalls.  upon purchase, i was sifting through my mental closet — “what could i wear this with? blue jeans? black jeans? but with what pair of shoes?  a pair of low-top white converses would be perfect!”

lo and behold! after leaving a very interesting outing to my mom’s new-found church, the universe clearly decided to gift me with what i said i wanted.  the exact shoe i wanted, in my size and for only nine dollars and ninety-nine cents — no coincidence. it was the perfect birthday gift.

whoaaaa. thanks universe. you’re my shortyyyyy 🙂


i also got some cool records — air supply & chicago. score!

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