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okay…first and foremost

listen to the latest episode of the sneaker fiends unite podcast with me talking about my sneaker thrifting and special guest tim of patta sneaker store in amsterdam.

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okay so….i engineer/co-produce this ridiculously cool podcasts and they’re turning me into a little sneaker fiend.

i mean….i‘ve never been into sneakers like that but i do appreciate a good looking sneaker and i would never ever ever deny a pair of dunks. ever! especially if the price is right. ain’t nuttin like a dunk. that’s probably the only sneaker i would walk in to a store and buy.

but the sneaker section is always a “must check” upon the entrance of a thrift.

a few weeks ago i found a pair of low top dunkerroos……. even though i’m more of a high top type of gal, i loved the colors on these. all they need is a nice machine wash and maybe some new laces and they’ll be sexy once again.


last week when i caught the 50% off sale at unique i came across these!!…$3.50 & $7.00Image(2)

take a look at some  other sneakers i’ve snagged from consignment/thrift shops in the past. and guess what….none of them cost me more than 10 dollars.




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