shoom’s closet: big tings a gwan for 2013 & new goodies for the new year

okay…let me take a few seconds to address the new year formalities and such. okay so… one of my new years resolutions is to start executing my plans for opening my online thrift boutique — a selection of all types of accessories & clothing hand picked by me from random locations around the tri-state and eventually from around the country and world. things found on my site and eventually in my physical store will obviously be a reflection of my personal style. hopefully others will dig. i think they will. so yeah…big tings a gwan for 2013. alright now…back to the bloggage… new goodies for the new year. all of these were picked up from the unique in brooklyn. i mean…the whole reason for me shopping at thrifts and consignments is so i wouldn’t have to do shit like this. but i guess there are exceptions and this was one of them. for the past few weeks i’ve been canvasing nyc in search for a pair of quality boots for the season. while these aren’t particularly the style i was scouting for it was love at first sight. no box. never worn. $70. fucc it — decided to take em. i’m still researching the original price. IMG_6453 the last pair of khakis i owned my mom bleached them. not on purpose but the amount of times my things have been “accidentally” bleached, you’d think she had a hit out for me. here…are a nice pair of ann taylor cargo khakis i picked up — $4.99. i am now solely responsible for my own laundry so these should be safe. IMG_6448 those who have seen me around within the last 2 weeks or so have probably seen me wear this already. super cute. super me and for $6.99 — super cheap.  i could have done a little better with one size bigger but we know how to make shit work over here :flips hair: IMG_6450 nothing in life makes me feel like mary poppins more than the bag on the left. i love feeling mary poppins-esque! and the one of the right… reminded me a cushion i could find on my granny’s couch as a kid. no shade granny….your couch cushions would have made wonderful purses.  it was a toss up between the two but i couldn’t leave either behind. the larger bag was$6.99 and the smaller was $4.99. IMG_6452 and a few brand new pairs of wool socks to keep my phalanges warm during the plight of winter — $2.99 each. IMG_6447 and a cool little scarf — $4.99 IMG_6454

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