shoom’s closet: oh la la la. new hoody and shit.

sigh. i’m going to start off by saying this… i’m really pissed. because earlier this week while on my way home from a strenuous day at work, instead of sleeping while on that long ass ride from midtown to midwood on the Q, i typed out about 70% of what was supposed to be this very blog entry. but….my laptop died and i lost everything. great, right? perfection at its best. you don’t understand though!! i was really proud of that post. but you know what? i’m not even going to try to sit here and emulate a past masterpiece…fucc it. i don’t even really remember what i typed anyway. so here it is….raw. again. mother krishna take the wheel. so boom ::presses save draft::….aside from spending this past weekend in the wonderful garden state, i also spent way to much money. on what you may ask? well…between purchasing food for my empty fridge, replacing the speakers i had since college that seemed like they’d last until the birth of my first child, and then combing through a few racks at my favorite thrifts – i’m spent. check out a few things i picked up…. Winter is upon us and you can never have too many winter coats. some just look better with other outfits than others, ya know? unfortunately for me, up until last weekend i had none. no coat.  not because i disowned my fleet from the previous year but because they were all stowed away at some storage place in new jersey and because I’m lazy it took a little while to get the energy to venture into that side of the oasis. just now that the fleet has now been resurrected with the exception of a few and the addition of a new. now…i’m not particularly a fan of old navy clothing, or anything from old navy for that matter. i just havent felt the same about it ever since i got caught shoplifting there when i was younger.  but yeah…the color of this caught my eye and the fit (along with the price) sealed the deal.  seeing it on this hanger doesn’t do it any kind of justice at all; it fits soooo good.  i’m excited to frolic around nyc in my new coat 🙂IMG_6216 now….if you know anything about me, you would at least know these three things.
  1. i love cheese
  2. i love stripes
  3. i love anything with a hood
and i found the dopest hoody for the dopiest price. $5.99 funny thing is….i’ve always wanted a brooklyn industries hoody but i REFUSED to pay retail price for it. as the universe would have it, she heard my requests throughout the months…years…whatever….and she made it happen for me.  i found this one at a random fabric store in rahway, nj for six dollars. and it was brand new. what, nigga?! my new favorite hoody. IMG_6208IMG_6207IMG_6209 who is cathy daniels? i have no fuccin clue but she designed a pretty cool shirt. i’m on and off the fence about this one tho. sometimes i look at it and I’m like eww, granny. other times i look at it an I’m like okay….i can freak this. it’s the goldish clasp/button thingies that attracted me initially. but i am also a fan of it tweedy look and the brown boarding around. it always pays to take a peak in the vintage section. IMG_6211 IMG_6212 IMG_6214IMG_6210

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