50% of sale @ unique thrift locations TODAY!

i just thought i’d share some information that was passed on to me from a very reliable source (winks @ source). idk yo…unique acts like i’m not some type of loyal customer or something. i NEVER get the emails about sales or the fancy little text messages they do now. i have to hear from a friend of a friend’s cousin and shit. anyway…due to an alleged situation between the pilgrims and the native americans a few hundred years ago as well as  jennif’s birthday…there’s a sale today: 50% off for VIP Members and Facebook Friends today wednesday, november 21st!  bring in your vip card and receive 50% off all merchandise – offer not valid with any other sales or discounts. find a unique location near you….imunique.com happy thrifting. i would say happy thanksgiving but that would be out of character.

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