shoom’s closet: a retro find. well…kinda.

i usually only post clothing finds on here but i’m so happy about this one that even though it can’t technically hang from a hanger in my closet it deserves a spot on my blog. i was browsing the isles and shelves of my favorite thrift store, unique’s brooklyn location, and pow…she flashed me…a sony am/fm, cd, cassette player. now, i don’t know what year this is from but it’s in pretty good condition. and it only cost $4.99. so…not only a ridiculous price to pass up but lately i’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about all the cassettes i have stowed away in storage….audio of myself singing, yelling and delegating when i was a young and super obnoxious little girl and the many music cassettes that haven’t been touched in ages due to no means of playback. i want to listen to them!! and now i can listen to them. next week when i hitch hike to and from new jersey to pick up my winter clothes from the storage location, i’m going to grab some of those cassettes and take a trip down memory lane.  big booty and i said we’ll be going cassette shopping soon at random thrifts…see what we find…and have one of our famous private listening parties. wait till i program my pre-sets. ya’ll can’t tell me nothinggggg. next on my list to find…a record player and a set of quality speakers.

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