shoom’s closet: straight off the iphone pt.2

so…after reading my previous blog entry that took place early this morning during an episode of insomnia, i realized some of the pictures didn’t make the cut. oh well. but…that made me go back into the picture folder to see exactly what was omitted. as i’m scrolling through the excessive amounts of photographs  i got the most brilliant idea. i mean….aside from showcasing my sense of style, i figured since i swear by recycling clothes and want everyone to see what a wonderful resource it is, why not upload pictures of  items i’ve acquired through those means?  some are candid cameos and others were purposely taken to show the outfit. prepared to see a lot of bathroom pics. it’s not my fault that’s where all the privacy and full length mirrors reside. in every picture at least one, if not all, of the clothes (including shoes and accessories) were purchased at one of the many thrift stores i’ve come across or taken from a friend who was getting rid of a few things.  some of the items (i.e. jean and camouflage vest) have been altered and modified by moi. again…some you’ve seen…some you haven’t. p.s. some of these pics were  NOT taken with the iphone but a lot of them were. and yikes! i don’t give the iphone camera enough credit. given the right conditions it can take a great picture. but it’s no secret…android cameras are shitting on the iphone”s camera. anyway…happy viewing.

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