just added to my closet: my new favorite pair of jeans.

i stopped by unique’s brooklyn location today; not necessarily to buy clothes but –i bought clothes. at least i didn’t od. lately my favorite jeans have been these pair of black jeans from wet seal (i love the fit but they’re cheap. so, i’m probably on my 3rd or 4th pair by now) but today i think i found my new favorite pair of jeans!! they fit really well (yes, better than the wet seals) and are distressed in all of the right places. with retail prices of ann taylor loft denim topping out between $50 and $70, i’m very happy with the price i managed to pay for them. 20120916-232509.jpg i also found this really cool pull-over sweatshirt — $1.99. it still has the tag attached so that means technically it’s new but based on the looks of the logo, i’d say it’s from the 90s. if i’m wrong then jerzees needs to update their graphics…unless of course, that’s the look they’re going for. i’m probably going to modify this a bit. weapon of choice — scissors. 20120916-235137.jpg

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