review: unique boutique donation center, upper west side

i’ve been sitting on this for a while. i’m not exactly sure why…but my excuse for everything is that everything happens for a reason. so…that’s my story and i’m sticking to it. so yeah… i guess now is the chosen time for me to debut my review for the unique boutique donation center, pleasantly located on the upper west side.  it’s weird because the name on the outside of the store says unique boutique donation center but when i asked the guy behind the counter for a business card he handed me the top of a receipt from the register with zach’s thrift corp printed on it ::scratches scalp::

anyway….this particular store was something i randomly stumbled upon.  it was late that evening…after 6 and i believe i just left work. i was feeling a little perplexed so i went for a walk and burned one down in central park on top of some rock i had to mountain climb (rats were involved but i’m not going to get in to that right now.)  in all my highness, the mission was a success and was able to meticulously navigate my way out of the park yet still  managed to be lost at the same time. somehow i ended up on columbus ave. and as i leisurely strolled through the concrete jungled blocks of the upper west side, it found me!  it’s like my body knew exactly when to stop and look up. lo and behold…there it was. even though i was excited about my new encounter it took me about 3-4 minutes to decide whether i wanted to go inside or not.  my heightened levels of indecisiveness brought on a strenuous internal battle but eventually the right decision was made — we were going in. i walked inside and was impressed at how spacious and organized the store was.  they had a little bit of everything for everyone including the trendy thrifter, the “on a budget” shopper and even the neighborhood (ho)arder. i took some pics around the store so you can get a visual of the space and an idea of the quality and types of items you can find here. unfortunately, i was broke that day so i didn’t have the opportunity to shop but i’ll be heading back there soon to scout for some items for my new apt. this store has a lot of potential 🙂

Unique Boutique Donation Center/Zach’s Thrift Corp Used, Vintage & Consignment 487 Columbus Ave (between 83rd St & 84th St) (212) 362-8877

Nearest Transit Station: 81 St – Museum Of Natural History (A, B, C) 86 St (A, B, C) 86 St (1, 2)

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