i’m not religious: @iamdlyric’s “moving on” is complete and ready for viewage.

yikes…sorry for the neglect…life has been crazy but all shall fall into place very soon. with my last post (which i believe was ju;y 10th or something like that) i posted a still from the d’lyric – “moving on” shoot that my shirts were featured in. welp…ladies and gentleman the video is out! the shirts look amazingggg. and the song is dope.  follow d’lyric on twitter and check out more of his music here. oh and did i forget to mention i’m the love interest in the video as well? oops.  never in a million years would i have volunteered myself for something like this. i’m more of a behind the camera person but it was necessary to take one for the team that day.  i had a ridiculous amount of fun shooting with the guys. and much love for them for putting together such a cool visual. leave comments and such and ORDER SHIRTS!! thanks 🙂

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