just added to my closet: vintage wilson leather bomber jacket

there are two sections of a thrift store i ALWAYS make sure i visit….the vintage section and the men’s section and i almost always find the most AMAZING things (see picture below.) $10 dollars and it wasn’t even a sale day!!

you know, besides the awesome prices i get for quality things at thrift stores there’s something else that intrigues me about them.  like…these items were previously owned by someone else….they had/have a life…if that item could talk what would it say? where did it come from? did it’s owner die? what type of character did the previous owner have? what type of things have you witnessed? these are the types of questions i ask myself.  i wonder if the spirit or aura of previously owned items i buy  project on to me when i wear them?? humm…ANYWAY…i found a clue in this jacket about it’s past…two business cards. looks like the person either lived or was somehow connected to massachusetts. pretty cool.

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