just added to my closet: large gold plated link necklace

it took me a while to post this. but thus far in life….this is absolutely my most favorite piece of jewelry aside from my lucky brand peace ring. from the time i laid eyes on it, i knew i wanted it but the price made me question how much i really wanted it. i asked the lady behind the counter to try it on. it was beautiful!!! i asked my mom what she though. she said it was cute. the next thing out of her mouth was…”how much does it cost?” i replied…”$29.99″. both my mother and the attendant thought that the necklace was not worth its price. but too late….i was already in love. plus it was a vip 25% off day…so really i would only pay $25.00 for it. i debated over whether to purchase this or not for about a good 15 mins. and eventually came to the conclusion that this was a purchase i NEEDED to make. so i got it. and honestly…i’m very happy with it.  it can make any outfit look extra swagged out or extra elegant. i love it!! the chain can’t be gold. especially with the price i paid.  if anything its 14k gold-plated but not a solid gold piece. either way you can’t tell. shit looks like gold. lol.

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