thrift store review: monk thrift shop – greenwich village

to say the least…i was NOT impressed with this store at all. i wanted to cry (well not literally but i’m trying to help you understand how horrible this experience was.) first off..the store was very very cluttered, cramped, dark and dreary. i literally felt as though i could have easily been in my grandmother’s basement. they had everything from mannequin heads with wigs on them, to tacky holiday sweaters, to old suitcases. pretty much everything under the sun could be found  here.  a few minor things caught my attention but once i took a look at the price tags i started to get worried. a plethora of questions started to flood my brain. am i in the right store? am i dyslexic? do i need glasses? because these prices couldn’t be life. i mean..for christ sakes…this is a thrift store. i shouldn’t see jeans for more than $30 (if even that) and i shouldn’t see a shirt or sweater that isn’t a reputable brand for more than $25. i kept pinching myself to make sure this wasn’t a bad dream but soon realized it was oh so real. i didnt go there looking to write a review. i was really looking to make a purchase and then blog about it but the anxiety these prices caused made me whip out my iphone and start snapping pictures of items and price tags as if i were about to report them to the  better business bureau. but instead of taking it to that extreme i figured i just blast them  in my closet 🙂 i know i’m complaining a lot but its only because i’ve seen better quality things at thrift stores that didn’t cost nearly as much. i’ve never spent more than $10 on any pair of  jeans (seven, hollister, lucky brand, etc.,)  shirt, button up, blazer at any second-hand store (with the exception of maybe two or three things.) was it the store’s reputation? was it the store’s location?  i couldn’t tell you. but i do know that someone is shopping there because the store has been around for a while and there are more locations within nyc. now, would i visit that store again? nope. it would be an absolute waste of time. if you want to check monk out for yourself here is the address:
175 MacDougal St New York, NY 10011 Neighborhood: Greenwich Village
and here is the proof!!!!
here are some other monk locations:
579 5th Ave
(between 16th St & 8th Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
97 East 3rd Street New York, NY (212) 673-7282

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