i’m not religious: new batch of shirts/sweatshirts

last night i worked on these from about 4pm until 11:30pm. it looks like easy work but to get the neatness and precision i want my creations to have this is definitely no slap on a stencil, spray and go type job. things have to be pinned down, measured, covered, then checked and double checked.  not only am i challenging and testing my creativity and patience  throughout this whole process but  i’m learning a lot about myself. all of this has and still is trial and error for me and because of that  i’ve  unconsciously awakened traits i haven’t seen in myself since college, managed to reconstruct my work ethic, and decided to consciously take more step to develop and explore the dept of my creative mind. even thought my designs are relatively simple for now (i do have some interesting stuff coming soon)….it just dawned on me that i’m actually designing yet i’m still very very apprehensive about calling myself a designer. i don’t feel as though i’ve earned that title as yet. once i put out a few more things then maybe i’ll feel more worthy. but as of right now i’m title-less. just shoom. it’s crazy though because never in a million years did i think i would have a relationship with clothes…even down to my thrifting fetish and me blogging about it. but thankfully,  all of it came naturally and it’s something i feel good and excited about. it’s doesn’t feel like a chore. that’s how i know it’s real and from the heart. alright. i’m done being emotional and shit. check out the new shirts and let me know what you think.

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