just added to my closet: dolce vita ruju moto sweater

while this piece was not particularly in my budget for thrifting that day (see price below) i COULD NOT pass it up.  this waffle knit, asymmetrical, motor cycle jacket looking, sweater thingy was just ridiculously too cute. i figured i should at least try it on and then make my decision from there.  i tried it on and of course i fell even more madly in love so…it had to be purchased. if you pay close attention to the cut of the sweater in the pics you can see that the back is cropped; it sits just above the waist line. super sexy with low rise jeans. preferably skinny ones ;-)

  • dolce vita ruju moto sweater 
  • beacon’s closet. park slope – brooklyn
  • i paid $19.95
  • retail price: i’ve seen prices between $52.80 – $88.00
  • brand new with tags and all

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