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shoom isaacs (no relation to gregory.)

i’m just trying to find my lane in life and trying to figure out how i should leave my dent in this universe. i find interest in so many things but i have the attention span of a 3 year old…not a good combination. so with this blog…i plan on grabbing it by the horns and riding it until the wheels fall off. with my ability to write, my dry/sarcastic humor, my love for thrifting, and the development of my i’m not religious. shirt/stencil there is no reason why shoom’s closet shouldn’t exist. it’s a total reflection of who i am. new york/new jersey based. monmouth university graduate with a B.A. in communication (tv & radio production). audio engineering student. employee for premiere radio networks/clear channel. a writer. music lover. free spirit. mouth of a sailor. animal lover. conspiracy theorists. non religious. non traditional. anti society. musical junkie. laid back. @_shoom facebook.com/shoom.isaacs

what is shoom’s closet?

for as long as i could remember,  i’ve really never had an interest in fashion. yes,  i liked to shop from time to time but i never really cared for the latest trends  nor did my wallet allow me to buy the types of clothes i really wanted to wear. i wore what i could afford and the clearance rack at just about any store was definitely my best friend while i choose isolated items to splurge on .  however,  it was still very hard to build a well rounded wardrobe on such a tight budget. it wasn’t until i moved to brooklyn in 2008 that i discovered what a thrift store was really about. i mean…i’ve been to thrift stores before but i never knew what a wonderful resource they could be. after my first solo buy at the goodwill in clinton hill, brooklyn,  i quickly fell in love.  i purchased a pair of ny & co. jeans and an i love ny tote bag (which i still rock religiously) and i ended up paying  something like 4 bucks!!! what intrigued me and kept me coming back was the fact that i could take the same 50 dollars i would use to buy ONE item and on a good day walk out of a thrift store with at least 7 or 8 different pieces that when mixed and matched created numerous outfits. it was like winning the lottery.  but like i mentioned before…i was never really one for fashion, trends, or having that eye for putting pieces together so at first i was buying a lot of clothes but wasn’t sure how to wear them. that led me to start taking risks by mixing and matching things that i would have never been bold enough to do before and from that developed my own unique style and a creative eye for mixing and matching different things. a lot of people are turned off by the idea of wearing second hand clothes but i look at it like borrowing clothes from a friend and never having to return it. there is nothing about second hand clothes that a little soap and water can’t fix unless it’s stained or has a hole.  if you go to a decent thrift store you would be surprised at the fair prices, reputable brands, and good conditions the clothes are in. with shoom’s closet i want to show everyone that you don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks by sharing my thrift-finds. everytime i purchase something from a thrift store i’ll post a picture of it along with:
  • -how much i paid
  • -when & where it was purchased
  • -the retail price of similar items
  • -an update post/picture of how the outfit/piece was worn.
enjoy. leave comments. comeback. —shoom

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